Dove il tempo rallenta e la vita ha un sapore diverso

It's as if a god, here, had built his house with huge stone blocks

Friedrich Nietzsche



Sea of ​​fine sand, the Archaeological Park of rare beauty and a pine forest that releases the most intense scents. Paestum is the place of the soul where you can get lost to find yourself


A beach of very fine sand, a curtain of maritime pines against the backdrop of rolling green hills.

A long tradition of culinary excellence that translates into many starred restaurants and endless trattorias where you can be pampered by the most authentic flavors.

An archaeological park with the best-preserved Doric temples of the entire Greek civilization.

Here is Paestum, a crossroads of peoples and civilizations, a corner of eternity located between the Cilento National Park and the Amalfi Coast.


The Cilento National Park is a place for those who love the purest and most essential sea.

A destination with a timeless charm, with the classic echoes of Palinuro, Pollica, where the Mediterranean diet was born and the whole Costa del Mito, whose beaches are ranked every year among the best and cleanest in Italy.

Cilento is nature and beauty suspended between ancestral myth, solar energy and a thousand pages of history.

Villages and rhythms of existence crystallized over time. A cuisine made of raw materials of extraordinary quality, unique products that can only be found in this land.


Punta Licosa

Bay of Infreschi

Royal Palace of Caserta

Certosa di Padula