Paestum Italian tale

The earth has its roots in the water

Parmenides of Elea



Il Cilento è un luogo unico per i cultori dell’eccellenza culinaria. In questo lembo di terra, patria di Parmenide e Zenone, la dieta, il mangiar bene, è da sempre una filosofia.

Gastronomic excellence

Here, where Western philosophical thought was born and the Mediterranean Diet was codified, people have always thought about the importance of eating well to feel good, mentally and physically.

It is no coincidence that even today this land is home to great gastronomic excellence and centuries-old recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Slow food presidia, Dop, Igt products and ancestral techniques that we will take you to discover live and through our dishes.

The Tre Olivi Restaurant

Led by the starred chef Giovanni Solofra, the Tre Olivi Restaurant is a tribute to the Mediterranean Diet, which was codified for the very first time in these lands.
The manifest goal is to offer an immersive experience within the colors and scents of the Mediterranean, a vocation that is revealed already starting from the restaurant's furnishings, made entirely of olive wood, the symbolic tree of the Mediterranean diet.

The cuisine is characterized by a balance of tastes and flavors in which excess is banned, dishes that do not require interpretative filters to be appreciated because they speak directly to the heart and palate. The organic raw materials are made internally in the back garden or come from the family farm, San Salvatore 1988.

La Dispensa

La Dispensa is the gateway to the Cilento gastronomic world, a restaurant that is also a sales point for all San Salvatore 1988 products.
Here the organic raw materials are made internally and transformed into great dishes by excellent chefs: the Cilento housewives. These ladies over 60 are the keepers of the ancient traditional recipes, skills handed down from mother to daughter, from generation to generation. Here you can find out how handmade pasta is made with ancient grains, bi buffalo mozzarella, grape jams and much more. You can be inebriated by the scents of the organic garden and have lunch enjoying the view of Mount Calpazio. Visiting the Dispensa will be the starting point of a love story with the most authentic food.

San Salvatore 1988

San Salvatore 1988 is a zero-impact organic farm located in the heart of the Cilento National Park, in areas never touched by intensive cultivation. Here tradition and innovation come together to create an eco-sustainable production of great qualitative value.
Passion, care and research make San Salvatore wines counted among the pride of Made in Italy. Among these is Gioì, which in 2018 won the award for Best Organic Rosé in the World.
If you wish, we will take you to our vineyard that slopes gently towards the sea and from which you can enjoy the view of Capri, to discover how grapes become wine and how wine becomes excellence.
Here you can caress our sweet buffaloes, the archaic animals whose red eyes struck great travelers like Goethe, and discover the beauty and the good that this land has to offer.

Beach Club 93

Imagine a space dedicated to eating well, pampered by the sea breeze and relaxed by the white of the furnishings.

A fish restaurant that also offers a sushi proposal for lovers of Japanese cuisine. A menu that exudes freshness, intense flavors and is the result of a great search for raw materials that can also count on organic products from San Salvatore 1988, the family farm.
And then the slow-rising pizza, the one that uses ancient grains and mother yeast according to the secular Cilentan traditions that are still alive and tangible here.
Booking a table at Beach Club 93 means guaranteeing yourself an experience of taste and relaxation.

Bar and Cellar

Whether it is a park view, on the beach or in our cellar located in the heart of the hotel, at the Esplanade it is always a good time to savor the creations of our bar man.
Try our selection and let yourself be delighted by the tasting tours in the cellar led by our sommelier or at the bars, perhaps in combination with a good cigar from our selection.
Fatti avvolgere dai ritmi lounge sorseggiando l’ultima creazione del nostro mixologist, frutto di una grande ricerca che include anche prodotti locali e di nicchia.
Whatever your preference, we will be able to pamper you and make you savor the art of living well, the one we inherited from our Greek ancestors.