Paestum Italian tale

It's as if a god, here, had built his house with huge stone blocks

Friedrich Nietzsche



The Esplanade Boutique Hotel is a microcosm of beauty nestled between the pine forest of Paestum and the Mediterranean park

Timeless Style

It was 1980 when the charismatic entrepreneur Giuseppe Pagano began his career in hospitality with the aim of being able to create a unique location, which would combine the elegance of a private Mediterranean-style villa with the services of an excellent hotel. Success came quickly and the Esplanade Boutique Hotel was born.

A unique idea

The Esplanade Hotel has been created following the highest international quality standards to offer relaxing holidays and to adapt to any request related to events. The structure is located close to the pine forest that laps the beach and that is surrounded by a park that releases the most pleasant floral notes. Over the years, thousands of couples from all over the world have crossed the doors of the Esplanade Hotel, thus linking the name of the hotel to their best memories.

Negli anni migliaia di coppie provenienti da tutto il mondo hanno varcato le porte dell’hotel Esplanade, legando così il nome della struttura ai loro ricordi più belli

Gastronomic experiences

Raw materials of excellence, emblematic of this unique land, that are processed with ancient skills to create dishes that are great taste experiences.

Paestum and Cilento

Paestum, crossroads of peoples and civilizations, is a corner of eternity located between the Cilento National Park and the Amalfi Coast.

The Pagano family

It is a family story that reigns in the Esplanade Boutique Hotel characterized by the values ​​and the attention to quality. These are skills that are passed down from father to son, from generation to generation.